About Us and Contact Information

Vintage Flame was made with love and born in 2018 then quickly established a loyal customer base that appreciates value!

We truly pride ourselves on being wallet friendly while supplying you with the hottest quality products. We test our offerings before we start selling them to you to ensure you only receive the best quality that we can possibly deliver. 

It is our mission to give you the look and feel you want while delivering the service and quality you trust.

Vintage Flame is proud to be budget friendly while keeping our customers around the world, at the center of our world! Our customer service is unmatched.

Contact Us!

If you have questions, suggestions or any issues with the store or your order please write us: or contact us at our facebook page and instagram @flame_vintage

The Vintage Flame brand was built online but you can reach us by phone, facebook messenger or email. The store and social media channels are all ran by the owners who are eager to help you out, quickly and efficiently. Fast and friendly responses guaranteed to ensure great customer service! 

Phone number for texts or calls: 1-813-431-4452

Why buy from us?

1. Thousands of happy customers.

2. Free shipping worldwide.

3. PayPal Secured and SSL Encrypted checkout.

4. We are not the biggest apparel company but we have the best prices and a unique selection!