Top 10 Signs You're Exercising Too Much

Yes there is such thing as exercising to much (for not pros).

1.Low Energy

I just feel like I’m being treated like a wall socket with one of those 6 plug adaptors inserted in my butt sucking out all the energy. Doesn’t matter what I do.

Coffee works – but it’s no long-term solution.

When you have low energy due to overtraining your best bet is to just take time off.It will save you from the more severe symptoms and you’ll almost certainly notice your results improve during this rest break.Low energy is kind of a strange thing, though.

Just because you have low energy doesn’t necessarily mean that you are overtraining.Lots of fat land whales have low energy because they eat like shit and they don’t exercise.  Walking to the fridge a dozen times per day does not constitute overtraining no matter what your therapist tells you.

2.Disinterest in exercise. 

A significant decrease in motivation or enjoyment of the activity can be a major sign of burnout, Cicero says. This more often occurs in weight lifters, sprinters or soccer players who are driven by speed and power.

3.Agitation and moodiness.

Overtraining significantly affects your stress hormones, including cortisol and epinephrine. This hormonal imbalance can cause mood swings, unusual irritability and an inability to concentrate.

4.You’re getting fatter despite training hard.

Well, you think you’re getting fatter at least, but what you’re actually dealing with is an increase in water retention.

This is caused in part by the hormonal disruptions caused by overtraining (and this can be especially problematic when you’re restricting calories for fat loss.)

Namely, your testosterone levels can plunge while your cortisol levels rise, which causes a whole host of problems related to protein metabolism, insulin resistance, appetite, and more.

The end result?

You train harder and watch your diet closely, but you look fatter.

5.Loss Of Appetite

This, in and of itself, is an amazing feat.I eat like a starving cow.You thought I was going to say horse.Nope.  Cow.  Big fat starving cow.

I very rarely am not hungry.  I might go through a day or two of low appetite.  But more than that and there is something up.

Overtraining robs your appetite.Have you ever fasted for a really long time?Like over a few days.

6.Chronic or nagging injuries.

Overused muscles and joints can cause constant aches or joint pain. Pain that does not subside in two weeks (or so) should be considered a notable injury. Overtraining taxes all of the body's systems and also makes it more difficult to ward off infections. Thus, frequent illnesses and upper-respiratory tract infections (URTIs) are signs as well. Medical complications may also include low bone mineral density and low testosterone.

7.You’re getting sick more often than usual.

You can throw a wrench in your immune system in many different ways. Increasing sugar can do it, as can a lack of vitamin D/sunlight, poor sleep habits, and even mental stress.

But if you’re all good on these fronts and are getting inexplicable little coughs, sniffles, congestions, or headaches, you may be overtraining.

Take a rest week and let your immune system build back up.

8.Elevated resting heart rate. 

"When you put more stress on the heart, it has to work a lot harder," Ciccone says. An increase in your normal resting heart rate, say, from 50 beats per minute to 65 beats per minute, could indicate that you're placing excessive stress on your body.

9.Low Libido

I do apologize in advance if you have virgin ears.

Honestly, I don’t try to be offensive.If you just plain don’t like sex then I won’t judge you.  I’ve heard that this is the case with some people.

I don’t happen to be one of them.And don’t give me that feminist bull shit about how guys are pigs.  You ladies aren’t fooling anyone.  In many cases, you want it more!

Here’s my point:

If you find yourself laying next to your smokin’ hot lady friend and not wanting to pounce, it may just be a case that you’ve had a long day and you’re tired.

10.Psychological stress and/or depression.

Some people live for punishing workouts and grueling competitions. If this sounds like you, the inability to train or race (combined with an imbalance of hormones and lack of quality sleep) can significantly affect your psyche.

If you recognize these signs of overtraining in yourself, seek the help of a physician or other health professional to seek help. In some workout arenas, rhabdomyolysis is a right of passage, but it is important to understand that the kidneys shutting down is NOT the sign of an accomplished workout (but rather a sign of acute overtraining).

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