Top 10 Mistakes That You Make In The Gym

When i start working out in my 15 there was very little information about how to do it right, but now there is so much info and people keep make mistakes in the gym.

1.Overuse Of Cardio And Underuse Of Weights

"The biggest mistake I notice in the gym is the overuse of cardio equipment for weight loss," says Dymatize athlete Brooke Erickson.

When they want to drop pounds, most people's first inclination is to hop on the bike, elliptical, or treadmill to sweat out calories and feel the burn. Sure, cardio can help you spend energy, but lifting weights is what reshapes your body and leads to desired results.

"I also notice that most women are fearful of lifting heavy because they are nervous about 'getting manly'," Brooke adds.

Always remember that as a woman, you do not possess sufficient levels of testosterone to develop large amounts of bulk. Even building an appreciable amount of muscle takes a lot of time, energy, and calories, making it a slow and dedication-driven process. The belief that you'll wake up the next morning looking like She Hulk is pure fiction.

2.Doing workouts that are way out of your league

If you’ve ever seen a Navy Seal workout, you know how crazy intense those guys are. Just reading about the hours of training they do makes most people tired. So why then, do some guys feel the need to exactly replicate workouts done by people who are much fitter than they are?

“Results are based on pushing your current fitness threshold just a little bit further each session, each week, each month,” says Otey. Going so hard that you end up throwing up and walking like a wounded gazelle for days on end isn’t healthy by any means—nor is it likely something you’ll stick with long enough to see results.

But, if you feel like trying something new, you need to be able to find a way to modify it to your level. That’s where a trainer can help. Ask questions before jumping into a new workout and track your progress.

You need to determine what your goal is and then ask yourself “does my workout program reflect that?” Quit doing other peoples’ workouts, and instead, find a program that fits your schedule and current fitness state.

3.Believing moderate intensity cardio (running) is the best way to lose fat

"Generally speaking, most people feel that going for a run – or rather, moderate intensity cardio – is the best way to lose body fat. Unfortunately, this is not the case. While it can work out eventually, a better approach would be to utilise either low intensity, steady state cardio or high-intensity intervals. In the former you benefit from a higher proportion of calories burned from fat, while with the latter you benefit from a higher metabolism.
“For steady state do long sessions with your heart rate between 105-120BPM and for interval training the best place to start is the Tabata protocol, which involves 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest over eight sets, and can be used on body weight, resistance or pure cardio exercises.”
4.Using Less weights

Women are usually found picking up the least amount of weights or somewhere close to it. Women are usually considered to have less capacity than men. But, this does not mean that you begin with the least amount of weights. You can try starting with the weights that you think you are capable to pick. This can be anything in between the range that is available. Starting with an exact amount of weight will help you improve your own capacity and thus achieve results sooner.

5.Using Poor Form

Improper form is the biggest mistake that cover model Kathleen Tesori sees being made.

"People often use too much weight and can barely complete a full set well," she says. "They rock to throw up the weights, which isn't an effective use of their time."

Incorrect technique targets the wrong muscles and reinforces poor movement patterns. If you aren't quite sure how to do an exercise, ask someone who knows. Don't be afraid to approach a trainer—you might spare yourself an injury.

NLA athlete Jessie Hilgenberg and Performix athlete Alex Silver-Fagan agree.

"People should know not to increase the weight until they can properly perform an exercise with a full range of motion," Alex says.

"Once you nail down the form and muscle isolation, then you can worry about adding weight," Jessie adds.

It's always better to lift using good form and a lighter weight than to push your limits and get sloppy.

6.Following the regimes of people with completely different goals, lifestyles and genetics to you

"Making progress in your training efforts is a highly personal pursuit. Cultivating your ideal physique is going to mean training to suit your specific body type, exercise history and lifestyle. I once watched two friends train together day in, day out. One of them was a natural athlete and had been training for years; his friend, much smaller, was new to exercise and would lift the same weights as the bigger man. Poor form and the dangers of heavy weights aside, given their body types they would always achieve different physical results anyway."
7.Being Tired of Working out


As time passes by, women are found to skip out a few workouts or reduce the intensity or the reps that they perform. But, this will not help you in any way. You should always move forward and take up more reps and workouts of higher intensity as the time passes. Your body gradually gets used to the regular exercises that you may be performing. It is important to increase the intensity or the reps to make sure that you are increasing your body’s capacity to perform more.

8.Just Going Through The Motions

One of the top mistakes that NutraBio athlete Zane Hadzick sees when he enters the gym is people just going through the motions.

"Don't fall victim to redundancy and leave your brain at the door," he says. "We all like routine, but if you stick to the same old program for too long and don't challenge yourself, you'll inevitably plateau."

If you're bored with your workout and check out mentally, your progress will taper off until it's non-existent.

9.Resting too long between sets

Do you spend more time texting and checking Instagram than you do pushing weight? Otey says these distractions can take a chokehold on your program.

Rest periods are one of the most crucial parts of a successful workout.

Too much rest in between sets leads to less stress on the muscle—ultimately altering the recovery needed for that respective area,” he explains.

So, if you’ve been taking long rests that you don’t need, then shorten it up. Aim for 50 seconds of rest in between a set of 10 repetitions, for example. Gentilcore says this generally equates to a work-rest ratio of 1:1.

10.Trying to train your way out of a bad diet

"I find that many people take up a new exercise regime only to allow their diet to remain the same or even worsen. They assume that the extra calorie burn will allow them to make progress. Unfortunately, this is a negative cycle. Firstly, it means getting used to an extra influx of calories because of the exercise cushion, and if the new level of exercise was to cease then most people will actually gain weight. Secondly, poor nutrition and little rest is a recipe for fatigue and over training, meaning time away from the gym and subsequently the training progress grinding to a halt."
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