Top 10 Instagram Fitness Models That Will Inspire You

Sometimes we need inspiration and motivation when hard days hit us. Here are my top 10 most motivation fitness models

1. Sommer Ray - @sommerray

Followers: 17.5 million

21-year-old Sommer Ray hails from Colorado in the US. She is relatively new to fitness modeling, having begun posting her pictures and videos in September 2016. She has become an Instagram superstar in a short time.

She comes from a fit family – both her parents were competitive bodybuilders. This meant that the family regularly traveled to compete in fitness shows.

Eventually, the family settled in Lone Tree, Colorado. In 2012, at age 15, Sommer decided to follow the family tradition and began lifting weights. Within a year, her body showed the benefits of her regular workouts. She started to compete in regional bikini athlete championships.

She began to enjoy success in 2015. In that year, Sommer won the Bikini Teen and Bikini Class D titles at the NPC Colorado State Championships. She also reached 16th place in the 2015 NPC USA Championships.

Sommer began documenting her fitness journey on Instagram in 2016, posting pictures and videos of her lifestyle and workouts. The bodybuilding community responded to her postings, by following her in large numbers.

She continued this into 2017, with her numbers pushing her to become the most popular fitness model on Instagram.

2.Brittne Babe, @brittnebabefitness

If you're not a fan of the gym but want to get fit, Brittne's grid is packed with full-body workouts you can literally do in your kitchen (because that's where she does them too). Her gym lewks are also *chef's kiss.*

3.Natalie Jill

Better late than never!” applies to 46-year-old, California fitness influencer, sports nutritionist, USA Today Best Selling Author, and mother: Natalie Jill. At the age of 40, Jill’s house, retirement, and marriage was swept from under her feet. During this time, she battled an autoimmune disease and gained a large amount of weight in a short amount of time. She not only turned her life around, but she single-handedly created a career and lifestyle for her new and improved self. Jill’s training philosophy proves it is never too late to take control of your health. With 497K instagram followers, Jill posts daily workouts, meal ideas, client success stories, informational videos, and light-hearted memes to promote a healthy lifestyle for women.

4.Michelle Lewin - @michelle_lewin

Followers: 12.8 million

Michelle Lewin is one of the better-known Instagram fitness models on this list. Michelle was born in 1986 in Maracay, Venezuela. She has been a Playboy cover model.

She started her modeling career on the catwalk but decided to move into bikini modeling at a friend’s suggestion.

She loved the fitness side of bikini modeling so opted to spend time working out in the gym, sculpting her body. She boosted her weight from 95 lb to 120 lb of lean muscle.

At this point, she found modeling requests started to flood in from fitness magazines and supplement companies.

She entered a variety of IFBB and NPC competitions over 2013 and 2014, winning the NPC Fort Lauderdale Cup in 2013, and coming second in the 2013 NPC Southern States competition.

Her workouts are crucial to her, as is a healthy diet. She considers the most important exercises to be sprints, lunges, and side lateral raises. She believes in high-intensity training which causes you to sweat a lot.

She shares images of her workouts on Instagram, hoping to motivate other women to lose weight and improve their fitness levels. She also shares videos of her exercises on her YouTube channel.

5.Stephanie Sanzo, @stephaniesanzo

Ever played with the idea of body building or power lifting? Meet your new favorite influencer. The Aussie bench presses, deadlifts, and squats hundreds of pounds and gives in-depth lifting tips for her 1.2 million followers! You gotta see it to believe it.

6.Kaisa Keranen

Former track and field student-athlete for the University of Washington, Kaisa Keranen did not let her graduation cap force her to hang up her cleats for good. Inspired by her mother, Keranen lives by these two words: Get moving! As a  2008 Washington graduate, she holds a M.S. degree in Exercise Science, Sports Performance, and Injury Prevention. Keranen works closely with former First Lady, Michelle Obama, as the top trainer for the 2015 “Let’s Move” digital campaign. In her spare time, Keranen poses for numerous fitness magazines, and was featured on the cover of the February 2018 issue of the “Strong Fitness Magazine,” as the first woman ever. (Talk about women’s empowerment!) With 737K instagram followers, “Kaisafit” posts daily bodyweight workouts, geared towards an individual with little to no equipment. Get moving with Kaisa!

7.Jen Selter - @jenselter

Followers: 11.7 million

Jen Selter is a 24-year-old American, best known for her fitness modeling and overall social media presence.

She was born on Long Island, New York in 1993. She grew up believing in the importance of an active lifestyle. She began working out at age 15, and within a few years she had a well-sculpted body, with toned abs and glutes.

Jen worked at two part-time jobs while at school. She took time out one day from working in a fitness gym to post an online picture of herself wearing a bikini. The photo went viral, and Jen gained fame overnight.

Since then she has continued to work out and has built up a strong social media following, sharing images and videos of her fitness lifestyle.

She has appeared in television shows as a fitness trainer, giving lessons to the viewers.

As a result of her success, she has made numerous deals to make endorsements and perform public appearances. She has released books and fitness videos. Some of the companies she has worked with include Circus Fitness, Nike, Lululemon, and New Balance. She has signed with The Legacy Agency.

8.Linn Lowes, @linnlowes

This Swedish certified trainer gives helpful advice on strength training techniques to make the most of of your workouts. Also, the pics of Linn with her man and her dogs are the cutest ever. 

9.Cassey Ho

The internet knows her as Ms. “Blogilates,” 31-year-old CA native, Cassey Ho is the queen of the pilates world. She runs one of the largest fitness channels on YouTube, with over 4.1 million subscribers. Before her career as a social media fitness entrepreneur, she earned a B.S. in biology from Whittier College in 2009. Cassey’s spouse, Sam Livits, serves as the Head of Strategy for Blogilates, and they reside in California. Blogilates is composed of motivational monthly workout calendars, reflections of personal experiences, reminders of women’s self love and even recommendations for best exercise practices based on your zodiac sign. Cassey Ho made a name for herself in 2014, when she put Target on blast for a photoshopped image of a model’s unrealistic “thigh gap.” Target immediately removed the image from their advertisement, and apologized for altering the image. Ms. Blogilates has and will forever stand up for society’s unrealistic expectations for women’s bodies.

10.Ana Cheri - @anacheri

Followers: 10.9 million

31-year-old Ana Cheri is a Southern Californian. She has Native American, Latina, and Caucasian heritage.

In some ways, her career is the opposite of the majority of people on this list. While most gained fitness fame and then chose to share their journey on Instagram, Ana began as an unknown girl posting images and fitness tips.

Her posts were popular, and her support base snowballed.

As a result of her Instagram success, local California brands began to offer her modeling offers. She also gained the opportunity to endorse national brands. She appeared in posters and brochures for companies like Punch Magazine and Toyo Tires, as well as promotional ads for FOX Racing and Long Beach Grand Prix D1.

She was selected to be Playboy's Playmate of October 2015 – one of the last fully nude Playmates.

Soon afterward, Chive named her the “New Queen of Instagram.”

However, health and fitness are just as important to Ana as modeling is. She was the Brand Ambassador and Motivational Speaker for Shredz Supplements. She featured in several fitness magazines, such as Muscle and Fitness Magazine.

More recently, Ana has started a new gym in Santa Ana, called “Be More Athletics.”


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