Top 10 Best Cardio Machine For Home Workout

1.Assault Bike


Why we use the Assault Bike: “It's always going to be a love hate relationship with the Airdyne. Mostly because when used right it's going to zap your body of all your energy. It's a great combination of upper and lower body cardio put into one machine.”

Science says: Science hasn’t really dug deeply into the methodology of the assault bike, but men everywhere? That’s another story. Like Rob MacDonald, for example, general manager of Gym Jones in Salt Lake City. Last year, he logged an outstanding, WTF-worthy 87 calories on the bike in one minute. I'm dizzy just thinking about it.

2.Rowing Machine – Best Total Body Workout

One of the most recommended and commonly used cardio equipment is rowing. Why? It helps in burning calories faster when compared to other machines. As per a study conducted by the Harvard University, doing a vigorous workout on a rowing machine can burn up to 377 calories in 30 minutes for individuals who weigh about 185 pounds.

Besides the usual cardiovascular benefits, the rowing machine helps in toning your muscles. In this exercise, you are using all the main muscles of your body and putting a small pressure on your joints. This is because the act of rowing is low impact in nature. It is economical as well as convenient if you have a rowing machine in your home rather than going to the gym.

3.Stair Steppers

Stepping machines are excellent for working a wider range of leg muscles that can be hard to activate with just walking or gentle jogging and come with the added benefit of being easier on your joints.

Climbing stairs is a very effective way of getting your heart pumping – there’s a reason why climbing hills is harder than walking on flat ground.

Stair steppers make the most of this.


  • Stepping machines provide a low impact workout for the legs while focussing on the glutes which is a target area for most women.
  • They can take up less space than other machines, often being lighter and easier to move.
  • Mini stepper varieties are especially affordable, compact and convenient for use in a home gym.


  • They don’t use the upper body unless combined with handles like a cross trainer.
  • It’s often a one size fits all deal which can be tricky for taller or shorter people.


Why we use the elliptical: “From beginner to advanced users the smooth movement offers a low impact cardio based workout which is forgiving on the joints, as opposed to running outdoors or even a treadmill. After a previous bout of pounding pavement with an outdoor run, the elliptical is a great choice to ‘deload’ with, allowing joints to recover while challenging the cardiovascular system. The arms operate to push and pull the handles as the legs push the pedals in a contra-lateral movement pattern, offering a full body cardio workout with the option to add resistance.”

Science says: Your pulse may reach greater heights on the elliptical than on the treadmill, even when your RPE (that’s rate of perceived exertion) is the same, according to a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

5.Treadmill – Walking For Any Weather

Treadmills have been around in the fitness scene a very long time. The only difference is now it has several advantages when it comes to application for the user like magnetic belt systems that cause less fatigue and accurate heart rate monitoring capabilities. This is also one of the easiest pieces of gym equipment to use. All you do is turn it on, press start, select your program or the speed/grade and you’re good to go.

Modern treadmills have a lot of accessories like provisions for screen or reading that can make sure you aren’t bored while you're burning away fat on them.

6.Stair Master

The StairMaster is what most people think of when you say stepping machine. We’ve all seen the infomercials.

But there’s something to be said for the fact that they’re still around. They take a little coordination to use, but nothing that you can’t master quickly.

This model is a little smaller than the commercial variety, but it’s also significantly more affordable making it perfect for your home gym.

It has a handy console which tracks your stats and contains a number of pre-programmed workouts together with a heart rate monitor.

7.Ski Erg

Why we use the ski erg: “Intensity of the contraction on the ski erg is high per stroke, blood is occluded for a large portion of the time spent working making the metabolic effect really great. Then, you also have the massive oxygen deficit accumulation per round. When you couple that with an incomplete rest period, it becomes a street sweeper of a conditioning too.”

Science says: You can burn more than 12 calories per minute while getting a total body blast.

8.Airdyne – Total Cardio Workout

One of the staples of gyms all around the world, the venerable Airdyne has been one of the most deceptively hard machines to the newer gym bros. This uses the principle that air resistance is exponential and therefore gets a lot harder to pedal the faster you go at it. The newer version of this exercise machine comes with all new features including better ways to synch up with you and an RPM gauge so you can work through interval training.

Needless to say, if you are looking for a hard workout then this machine, as unassuming as it looks can be a handful to deal with. You’ve been warned!

9.TrueForm Runner

Why we use the Trueform: “Part instructor, part torture device (in that rewarding athletic sense), it requires form, endurance and strength in order to build speed. The TrueForm enforces Pose Method, midfoot strike/ hamstring running, with proper posture and utilization of gravity - over a long stride heel striking and push off from your calves (toe running).The lack of motor on the TFR creates resistance, and keeping pace up is the athlete’s responsibility which assists in building strength as well as endurance.”

10.Recumbent Bike – Cardio For Elder People

Another machine which we don’t think is all that great for fitness, a recumbent bike only works out your legs and does nothing else. If you are recovering from an injury to your back and are not able to use other machines, then you might find this machine useful.


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