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Top 10 Diets To Lose Weight

This is going to me very important and very useful. So what are the best diet's that will help you loose some weight: 1.The Mediterranean Diet When it comes to the "best" diet for most people, this one consistently ranks at the top of every list. If you can't afford a cruise to the Mediterranean (yet!), at least you can eat like the beautiful, long-living, and famously healthy people from the region. The Mediterranean diet teaches you to eat like a Sardinian, one of the "blue zones" identified by researchers as having a high number of people living past 100—by eating more fish, olive oil, healthy fats, and fresh vegetables. The point is to have not just a longer life but also...

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Top 10 Running Tips

It's always good idea to read some post before jumping in something unprepared.Today i present you top 10 running tips, read before start working out. 1.Loosen Your Grip Many runners hold tension in their upper body, which can make your regular run feel twice as hard. Try this simple trick to check yourself: Roll up a sheet of paper and run with it for a few minutes (as if you were holding a baton in a 400-meter relay). If the paper comes back crunched, you are squeezing too hard! Allowing your hands to loosen up translates into reduced tension in the shoulders and less wasted energy. 2.Strengthen Your Whole Body “Good runners condition their whole bodies. The arms drive the...

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Top 10 Yoga Poses

Yoga is something that every year more and more people discover. So what are the top 10 poses in yoga. 1.Malasana This beautiful squat is one of my all-time favorite poses. Malasana releases the lower back, opens the hips, and turns the practitioner into a cute little nugget. Explore variations and tips on how to make this pose easier or how to go deeper. 2.Downward-Facing Dog A foundational pose in many styles of yoga, down dog is the whole package. “It helps strengthen the shoulders, arms and legs; it lengthens out the spine and helps relieve pain in the upper, middle and low back. Starting from a tabletop position with your shoulders directly over your wrists and your hips over your knees, curl...

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